Mayo Clinic*


Trump Cat-Ass-Trophy


Thirteen years at W+K is a lot of Nike work. Here's some favorites. There's more. There is always more.


OI: makers of glass


Sixty tons of sand are better than all the posters and banner ads in the world

A sand sculpture at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival for Glass is Life ®. Glass is simply made from sand, soda ash and fire. 


united technologies *


 famous in their day

Liz Claiborne foundation

Two years after making this film for the Liz Claiborne Foundation a father tracked me down. I had moved on so it must've taken some effort to find me. But he did. He told me that I had saved his daughter's life. I have done more expensive work, more visible work, more awarded work. But I have never done more effective work.

Sanibel sea school

This is Sanibel Sea School. It's a fundraising dinner party film - purposefully languid. It will give you a sense of an institution I am tremendously proud to have co-founded.  Shot by Mark Meyers.

* indicates work I creative directed and other writers contributed to

Thanks to all the art director partners represented here: Marta Ibarrondo, Susan Hoffman, Warren Eakins, Robert Nakata, John Jay, Ashby Parsons, Greg Jensen, Stu Garrett, Alexander Duckworth, Laura Forde, Kate Tregoning, Michael Prieve. As for the work in here that I creative directed, shared credit goes to Maggie Powers, Ellen Fitzgerald, John Boiler, Glenn Cole, Adam Naccarato, Shannon Murphy, Marie Strycharz, Steve Stenholt, Alyssa Cavanaugh and Sia Efthimiu.


There's always more. Particularly the work that I had the honor of creative directing - the Nike Olympic work with John Jay "You don't win silver. You lose gold." The Westin and Sheraton work with Florence Buchanan. The Alta Vista work that won so many awards for a brand that is no more. Coke in Pakistan and India. Nike in Japan.  Crazy obscure cool work for electronic trading algorithms shot by a rock 'n roll photographer and work targeted to hospital blood bankers shot by a fashion photographer. But we'll just have to have a conversation or even better, let's talk about the work that comes next.

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