I came to Doremus when it was a financial announcement (tombstone) advertising agency. Doremus is now B2B mid-size Agency of the Year for multiple years running, consistently winning creative and effective awards for work in extremely complex industries.

Previous to taking on the creative leadership of Doremus I was at SS+K in New York and Deutsch NY for a year. The bulk of my career was spent at Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Oregon. I founded W+K Amsterdam with six other friends and expats.  I have been creative director on Nike, Coke, Microsoft, Westin Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Paramount Hotel, Anne Klein, O-I Glass, Visa, 3M, Sun Life Financial, UL, BNY Mellon and many others. Generally speaking, I have a taste for difficult or complex assignments.

I have been creative director in the United States, the EU, BRIC, and APAC.  I have been a Keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Association of National Advertisers, the Business Marketing Association,  a participant and presenter in Advertising 2020, the Wharton Future of Advertising Program, and a Hero for Miami Ad School. 

I proudly co-founded a school to teach children about the ocean on Sanibel Island Florida. You can explore more on that at sanibelseaschool.org. I have 3 daughters, one husband, a Great Dane, a parrot, 2 cats and a rat. This is what comes of a marriage to an evolutionary biologist.

In the beginning, I went to Brown University. Graduated. And was pumping gas at the Texaco on Sugarloaf Key by day and acting in Key West by night when I decided to go into advertising.